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In 1987, the world saw the creation of one of its leading and most effective anti-hair loss and thinning brands, Nioxin. The brand’s creator, Eva Graham, has entrenched her firm belief that the scalp is simply an extension of the face, and should be treated as such, in all of her technologies and products.

For years, Graham has worked hard to communicate the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients and vitamins on the scalp with other haircare professionals. They are present in each of her products to help combat the aggressive use of chemicals. With noticeable anti-ageing and exfoliating properties that result in the appearance of healthier hair, the brand was soon seen as the No.1 salon alternative to prescription drugs used to tackle hair loss. This led to international acclaim in the early 2000s and the introduction of iconic products such as Co-Zyme10 and Glyco Colour Shield.

We are pleased to be the official stockist of Nioxin products in Australia and support Nioxin’s research in finding technologies that help combat thinning hair and its causes.

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