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You probably already know that your genes play a huge part in your skin's ageing process. However, most people don't think about harnessing the power of our genes in skincare formulas. Discover the HydroPeptide skincare collection, a brand powered by genetics.

HydroPeptide is a clinically-proven skincare brand that is committed to developing results-driven, high-performance products that not only deliver visible results but are a pleasure to use. Based around the power of epigenetics science, the brand believe in what they call ‘gene-ius' skincare.

Are you ready for a quick skincare science lesson? It's time for a look at epigenetics. Our inherited genes control our looks and the way in which our skin ages, however, epigenetics looks at how those genes express themselves. They are incredibly intelligent, switching on the genes that signal our cells to behave healthily and switch off those that don't, a process that is often triggered by external and environmental factors. HydroPeptide have taken this natural body process and used its power in their skincare formulations. Backed with their own team of geneticists, they create skincare products that contain powerful gene signalling ingredients. It's totally gene-ius!

As the name would suggest, HydroPeptide are also big advocates of peptides. Peptide technology is one of those gene signalling ingredients that encourage your cells to act in a healthier, more youthful way. Every HydroPeptide product is jam-packed with advanced peptides that deliver real results. Whether you want to regain clarity in spot-prone skin or target fine lines, wrinkles and visible signs of ageing, there's a product for all skin types and concerns in this professional-quality range.

Just because HydroPeptide are all about the science, don't think they've taken the joy out of skincare. They are here to transform your daily skincare regimen into a relaxing self-care ritual with luxurious, spa-like formulas that create a full sensory experience.

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