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At Smile Makers, the philosophy is simple – female empowerment through the medium of pleasure. This is a brand that openly seeks to inject a new wave of positive and confident female experience, moving away from the previously unpleasant stigma surrounding female pleasure. This can be seen through the wide range of fun, colourful, sleek and sensual products on offer, which are all designed to open up the conversation about female sexuality.

Established in 2003, Smile Makers achieved worldwide prominence in 2013. This was due to the excellent variety of products on offer, which are all based on the needs of different types of women, and are made from a range of body-safe, premium materials that aim to deliver maximum results. Smile Makers is a brand that constantly engages with the latest research, and products are created with a clear emphasis on female anatomy. At RY, we share the belief that female products should be widely available, and therefore we're proud to be an official stock of Smile Makers and be able to supply Smile Makers products to women across Australia with free delivery.

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Female Empowerment starts with the woman in you, and that includes an unapologetic confidence in your sexuality! Smile Makers are not your average vibrator. Each product is designed with women in mind - approachable, friendly-designs that are super smooth, compact and silent. Embrace the pleasure you deserve with the Smile Makers Collection today.

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