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men-ü is a unique line of shaving, grooming and haircare products designed specifically for the modern man seeking real results. Relying on innovative technologies, key active ingredients and a waste-minimising approach, men-ü have created a beloved range that men all around the world love to use religiously.

Each product in the men-ü range has been optimised for quality and results, and so, has been extensively tested. A favourite amongst barbers and in salons, men-ü products have a large and dedicated base of professionals behind them. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not accessible for the everyday guy--the products in the men-ü range make at-home or on-the-go grooming a total breeze.

The men-ü range caters to a variety of needs, including shaving, hair styling, body care and skincare. With years of experience in the men’s grooming world, men-ü should be any guy’s first choice for all of his personal care concerns.

One of the most talked-about products in the men-ü range is the Facial Moisturiser Lift, which works as a two-in-one after shave balm and moisturiser. Lightweight and never greasy or oily in feel, this product can be used by any and all skin types. The non-comedogenic formula means it will not clog the pores, instead closing them, hydrating the skin and relieving any redness or irritation caused by shaving.

If you’re a man on a mission, looking for the perfect shave, men-ü have you well and truly covered. Their range not only includes pre, during and post-shave balms and oils, but also boasts shave brushes, stands and more. Pick up the men-ü Pro Black Shaving Brush set to really turn up the volume on your shave, taking it to a professional level and gaining full control over your grooming experience.

men-ü also make it easy for newcomers to the brand to test out their best-selling products, with a range of kits and packs. Also perfect for gift-giving or travelling, the most popular pack from the brand is the men-ü Ultimate Shave and Skin Kit. Equipped with four products and a handy toiletries bag, it’ll fit into your carry on luggage with ease. Start off with the fan-favourite Shave Creme, lauded for its smooth feel and list of botanical ingredients, which includes tea tree oil for soothing nicks and cuts. Follow up with the Healthy Facial Wash to cleanse, and then the Matt Skin Refresh Gel to minimise skin and calm the complexion. Finally, the Facial Moisturiser Lift rounds out this amazing-value pack.

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