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Nude by Nature is an Australian brand created in 2008 to celebrate and act upon the demands from emerging health and environmental trends. Great emphasis has been put on skincare, ridding harsh toxins from everyday beauty routines, but Nude by Nature strives to apply this new attitude to makeup, plugging a gap in the market.

Starting with mineral foundations, bronzers, finishing veils and brushes, Nude by Nature has since expanded its range and is recognised today in Australia as the No.1 Mineral Makeup brand.

The key idea behind Nude by Nature products is to help look after your skin and act in its best interests. Each formula is created in an animal cruelty-free way and includes natural ingredients sourced from the local Australian environment. This includes the use of Kakadu Plum (which contains the highest natural concentration of Vitamin C in the world), Lilly Pilly (for its anti-ageing purposes) and Cehami (for its detoxing values).

At RY, we're a proud stockist and are excited to celebrate this Australian brand and look forward to helping you explore the wide variety of natural resources involved in each product.

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