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'I'm from' is a unique and innovative skincare brand from South Korea, and distinguishes itself from other skincare brands thanks to its philosophy of transparency. Unlike other skincare brands, each product from the 'I'm from' range boldly lists every single ingredient, as well as the origin of the primary ingredient, meaning that they are perfect for anyone looking for a more natural and transparent cosmetic company.

'I'm from' uses natural ingredients such as rice, honey, ginseng and mugwort that work to combat several skin problems. Perhaps the most innovative product is the 'I'm from' rice toner. Created with organic and pesticide-free rice, this toner gently moisturises and brightens skin, while also removing impurities and excess oils at the same time.

'I'm from' cosmetics also have several other products to combat skin imperfections for every skin type. Struggle with blemishes and inflamed skin? Try mugwort spot gel, which contains 90% pure mugwort powder and can help irritated skin. If you struggle with dry skin, a honey mask with 38.7% natural Mount Jiri honey helps protect skin and improve moisture levels.

As an official stockist, we're proud that 'I'm from' products use natural ingredients, making them perfect for anyone that doesn't want to use harsh, unhealthy chemicals on their face.
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