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label.m’s mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality all around the world

The award winning fashion-inspired hair care range is developed by professional stylists who are a part of a dynamic international artistic team lead by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

label.m formulations are where art collides with science. label.m combines the most naturally sourced ingredients and essential oils. The technologies within the rangeensure your hair is beautiful from the inside out.

There are six unique technologies within the range, each created for a specific need.

Enviroshield – Optimises shine and protects against heat, styling, colour fade and UV rays.

Tri-Molecular Complex – Repairs from the inside out whilst moisturising and thinking.

Coil E Complex – Increases movement and strengthens hair for high definition curls

Rejuven-8 Complex – Counters the key signs of hair aging or revitalised radiant, smooth and young looking hair.

M-Flex 3 Complex – Contains ultra-hydrating properties to smooth and straighten with long-lasting results.

Tri- Keravitaplex Complex – Targets all hair layers to repair protein deficiencies nourish and protect from inside out.

label.m gives top performance and flawless results. The fashion-led collection is loved by all professionals and clients across the globe.

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