Dear, Klairs Skincare

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As the intimacy of the brand name suggests, Dear, Klairs is a personal brand for all suffering from sensitive skin. The brand has taken a step back from the bustle of the cosmetic market to make sure that all customers receive hand-created products propelled by customer reviews.

Since 2009, Dear, Klairs has been dedicated to developing gentle yet effective products, which improve the skin’s elasticity and soothe irritated skin. Founded by CEO Ryan Soungho Park after witnessing first-hand the power of the brand, and propelled by Wishcompany in Korea, Klairs immediately became recognised, with its staple products featuring on skincare rankings globally. Dear, Klairs best-selling Supple Preparation Range targets the skin’s pH levels to achieve balance and high moisture retention and is suitable for all skin types.

As an official Australian stockist of Dear, Klairs, we believe in the company’s aim of harking skincare back to its refined and simple beginnings, free from additives in new beauty trends that frustrate sensitive skin. The brand’s simple formula translates into all aspects, as Dear, Klairs prides itself on environmentally friendly products, with no animal testing, and affordable pricing. The company’s reach is continuously expanding, and its principles are effortlessly being built upon to promote modest, but meticulous, skincare products for you.
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