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Parlux are the professional hair dryer brand synonymous with quality and efficacy. Known for constantly innovating to provide the best electrical tools on the market, this Italian brand believes in the intersection of simplicity and elegance. These values make up their two main pillars of operation. By combining sleek design and innovative technology, Parlux have created dryers that are accessible to everyone, yet still feel luxurious. Our customers just love the lightweight & powerful Parlux 385.

It’s safe to say that Parlux are beloved around the world--they’re distributed in over 60 countries, and can be found in many a home and salon, no matter where you travel. They’re also a top choice for professional stylists, as each dryer has been optimised to meet their unique needs. Key specifications such as their weight, durability and efficiency have all been developed with hairdressers in mind.

Parlux dryers have also been designed using unique and cutting-edge technologies. For instance, Parlux hairdryers are able to break water molecules down into mini-molecules, which not only helps lock in hydration to the hair, but also speeds up drying time by 40%. The combination of ceramic and ionic technology also help to minimise any damage incurred, leaving hair healthier than ever.

There are six hair dryer models currently in the Parlux range, each of which is tailored to a different need and price point. If you’re hunting for the sweet spot between economy and effectiveness, we recommend the Parlux 1800 or 3200. These affordable models don’t have all of the flashy features of later designs, however they still work wonders for the hair, giving you a gorgeous, salon-worthy blow dry from home. If you have a little more to spend, perhaps the Parlux Advance Light is more up your alley. This “futuristic” model features a 2500 hour lifespan and a 2200 watt motor, expertly combining power and longevity. Environmentalists will also love the eco-friendly Parlux 3800, made from recyclable materials! 

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