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Redken began in 1960, when famed actress Paula Kent took it on herself to develop a haircare range that would protect, hydrate and revitalise her damaged tresses. Using just $3000 to begin what would eventually become a multi-million dollar company, Kent teamed up with her hairdresser Jheri Redding. Hence, the name Redken was selected as an amalgamation of their two surnames. Featuring just three products, the original Redken range hit the market to rave reviews and developed a wide customer base almost instantly. 

Nowadays, Redken hair products are revered in the haircare industry, and are considered some of the most innovative and effective solutions around. You’ll find Redken in some of the most prestigious salons around the world, as well as in homes practically everywhere. No longer just a brand for professionals, Redken is beloved by customers from over 50 countries who want to achieve salon-quality locks at home. 

Kent and Redding built Redken on three key principles: protein technology, pH optimisation and professional-grade formulas. As protein makes up most of the hair’s composition, the duo saw the importance of re-instilling damaged locks with this to increase strength and manageability. All Redken products began with a pH of 4.5-5.5, which was found to be the most effective for complementing the natural state of the hair, scalp and skin. Finally, the founders of Redken knew that their formulas had to be professional quality, allowing hairdressers and stylists to use them on their clients with excellent results. These three philosophies remain true of the Redken brand even to this day, and are exhibited through all of their unique, cutting-edge products. 

As the foremost authority in high-fashion haircare, Redken are a staple on the runway and on the cover of magazines, just to name a few. One of the most popular ranges, both for professional use in fashion shows, and at-home use for those with damaged hair, is the Redken Anti-Snap range. The Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment is an intensive formula ideal for providing the hair with protection, especially against heated tools and over-brushing. It helps to curb breakage, split ends and more for stunning hair like you’ve never experienced before. 

Another favourite in the Redken range is All Soft, a line of smoothing and softening products that also reinfuse shine into the hair. The Redken All Soft Shampoo has been met with rave reviews from professionals, bloggers and everyday beauty lovers alike, due to its use of unique technologies and hair-perfecting natural oils such as avocado and olive oils. 

There’s a product in the Redken range for everyone, especially now that their product lines extend to mens haircare, in addition to targeted treatments for frizz, curl management, breakage and more. Explore the Redken range and discover new favourites today with RY, your official stockist. We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $99, plus you can shop now and pay later with Afterpay. 

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