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Redken is an American brand that was co-created by Paula Kent and Jheri Redding in 1960. Formed using Kent’s $3000 paycheck, it was created with the sole purpose of educating the professional haircare world.

Their products have been designed to help professional hairdressers realise the correlation between product ingredients and healthy, radiant hair. This includes protecting the scalp and preventing allergic reactions to chemicals previously found in other colouring products. Products that form the Redken range, therefore, are sourced from the most protective and effective proteins such as Amino Pon and PPT, as well as gentle acidic PH levels of 4.5-5.5.

Redken's products are produced specifically to bring to the fore the beauty of all types of hair. Their ethos centres particularly on thin baby strands which professional hairdressers often struggled to tame on Paula Kent herself, signifying once more the personal touches throughout this brand.

With high levels of customer satisfaction and longstanding celebrity endorsement, including from renowned hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. RY is proud to be an official stockist and bring Redken’s legendary products to Australia, including the internationally-renowned Shades EQ Equalizing Color Gloss.

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