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US fashion designer Marc Jacobs created his second-ever fragrance, Marc Jacobs Daisy, in 2007. The legendary designer had previously worked as the creative director of Louis Vuitton, owned two clothing brands and was the head designer at his namesake fashion house, Marc Jacobs, when he decided to broaden his clothing and accessories line with a range of fragrances.

The ever-popular Daisy is a lively floral scent with notes of wild berries and jasmine. Jacobs hoped that the fragrance would ooze “youthful sophistication”. Capped with a whimsical white daisy on top, the bottle has become an icon on the fragrance shelf. The original scent has also broadened to include Daisy Love and Daisy Dream.

Jacobs followed the success of Daisy with other unforgettable fragrances, like Lola, and now ‘Perfect’, which famously launched with a virtual party in 2020. Perfect is playful and bright with uplifting notes of rhubarb and daffodil. The perfume is a reference to Jacobs’ famous manta; “I am perfect as I am.” The name is a positive message to Perfect wearers to embrace and express one’s true self at all times. RY is an official stockist of Marc Jacobs fragrances, so you can browse the whole range and enjoy free delivery in Australia.

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