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Alpha-H is the Australian-owned and operated skincare business making waves around the world for its high-quality cosmeceutical formulations. Founder Michelle Doherty struggled for years with painful, cystic acne, so her solution was to develop her own line of targeted products that truly worked wonders. Not only did her skin clear up, but one of Australia’s favourite skincare brands was born!

Now, equipped with over 20 years worth of research and experience, Alpha-H spans over 25 countries and boasts a wide product range with formulations suited to every skin type and concern. Constantly innovating, Alpha-H are always at the forefront of the skincare world, something which is made evident by their cult-favourite products and growing list of accolades. 

Each Alpha-H product has been developed with a number of active ingredients. Placing these at the forefront of their formulas ensures that consumers are truly getting an effective product full of tangible benefits. From Vitamins A and C to AHAs, hyaluronic acid and more, each ingredient has been trialled and tested for efficacy.

The product that catapulted Alpha-H to cult status is Liquid Gold, a chemical exfoliant with a difference. Dubbed ‘bottled brilliance’ by Harper’s Bazaar, one Liquid Gold is sold every minute. This transformative resurfacing treatment uses 5% Glycolic Acid to turn over new skin cells, revealing brighter, smoother skin. It’s a lifesaver for practically every skin type, however those with acne, pigmentation, uneven texture and ageing concerns will benefit especially. 

Aside from Liquid Gold, there is a plethora of other products available from Alpha-H that have been found to be just as miraculous for the complexion. From moisturisers and serums to cleansers, mists and even body products, the Alpha-H range is extensive and ultra-effective. 

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