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Alpha H

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A cosmeceutical brand first and foremost, Alpha H isn't necessarily about a sensorial approach to skin care, but about results driven products for any skin, however sensitive, however 'normal.' Powerful, highly potent and full of skin perfecting vitamin A, this skin care brand is focused on targeting your specific skin concerns. Our favourite products? The Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Masks.

Like a plethora of other beauty brands, Alpha-H has been powered by business woman, Michelle Doherty, who herself fell in love with the brand - while in its infancy - after it transformed her chronic acne. Now an award-winning brand, Alpha H has grown rapidly and is now a favourite treatment in hundreds of Australian salons. In a relatively short time, they have expanded to meet the skin care needs of people across the world, spanning four continents.

Alpha-H is committed to providing products that renew your skin and turn back the clock on ageing. They never cheat on active ingredients, ensuring that you get the full benefits of the treatment. For over twenty years, they have researched the fundamental elements necessary for optimal skin health to provide proven, consistent, dramatic results. The secret to Alpha H is its remarkable formula that changes the pH of your skin to mimic the deeper sections of your skin where new skin cells are generated. Their products contain more of active ingredients than similar brands on the market, so your skin is repaired and rejuvenated in a way that many other treatments can’t match.

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