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Tired of struggling with fake tan that flakes, goes patchy or just lingers on all the parts of your body you don't want it to linger? You won't have to struggle any more. ANTHEIA is a 2 step tanning removal system that removes self tan in a blink of an eye and makes re-tanning a breeze. It's as easy as spritz and wipe. No harsh chemicals or harsh scrubbing - this is a safe and natural way to remove all stubborn traces of tan. ANTHEIA is a simple two step process that works effectively with your skin to dissolve fake tan pigment allowing it to be gently wiped away.

It's as easy as:

STEP 1 - Remove It: Spray the Express Fake Tan Remover over any tan residue and allow to soak in for 2-4 minutes then wipe away with the handy cloth that comes in your ANTHEIA kit.

STEP 2 - Spray Liquid Micro Peel onto skin and rub into skin with hands. You will watch any remaining tan residue and dead skin cells fall away before your eyes!

ANTHEIA is natural, vegan friendly and packed with a sophisticated blend of botanicals such as Aloe, Camomile, Orange Oil, Argan Oil and Acai Berry with no sulphates or parabens. Nothing makes you feel as confident as a fresh, glowing tan - but the downside is that people often resort to harsh chemicals or scrubbing to remove fake tan which is really no good for your skin. ANTHEIA answers this beauty dilemma and delivers a quality result. You can even use ANTHEIA to take your tan down a shade if you think you've gone a little OTT.

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