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Founded in 1965, Baxter of California has remained one of the leading brands in men’s grooming for over five decades. With skincare, haircare, body care and shaving essentials, Baxter of California has every aspect of men’s grooming covered across its numerous bestselling ranges.

Created to extend the grooming and self-care industry to men, Baxter of California is proud to have designed and formulated high-quality and high-performance products, such as soaps, clay masks and shaving tonics, which are renowned for both at-home and professional use. Each formula is specially designed to enhance your hair and protect your skin pre-and post-shave without requiring an extensive routine.

Baxter of California uses natural ingredients across its range of products (which are all paraben and sulphate-free), solidifying its position as the leading expert in men’s grooming. Quality shave brushes and hand and body moisturisers guarantee satisfactory results, which is why Baxter of California has maintained its success and popularity across the industry in the past 50 years.

RY is a proud stockist of many Baxter of California products and is pleased to be able to help men access high-performance grooming products. All products on our website are available with free delivery across Australia.

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