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Ladies and gentlemen your search for the perfect mascara is over. blinc was founded in 1999 when a team of beauty experts were fed-up with sub-standard mascaras that were clumpy, flaky, smudgy and dried up quickly. blinc decided that if we had the technology to put a man on the moon, developing the perfect mascara should be easy.

After extensive research blinc determined that the reason traditional mascaras performed poorly was due to the fact they were oil-based paints. blinc decided the beauty industry was ready for a change and formulated a range of tube-forming mascaras that were long-wearing, smudge-roof and could be removed easily.

The beauty industry welcomed this new mascara formula with open arms and blinc went on to create an entire range of beauty products, including eyeshadows and eyeliner. As industry pioneers, they continue to create high-performance makeup that is both long-lasting and easy to remove. Life can throw many uncertain things your way. With a face of blinc makeup, however, you can have complete confidence in the quality and durability of your makeup. You could cry your eyes out over a romantic film or sit through a long-haul flight and your blinc makeup application will remain flawless and fresh. blinc appreciate that beauty is much more than skin deep, but they want to give women and men the confidence to rock killer makeup looks and feel truly confident. Whether you like to keep your makeup natural or follow a more-is-more philosophy, blinc can help you achieve whatever makeup look you desire.

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