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Care System of Care for the Skin, Body & Soul

A complete system of care for the skin, body and soul. The skin care division of The Davines Group, this skincare line utilises natures most efficient ingredients combined with scientific knowledge and clinical research. This exclusive range of products aims to deliver evident results from powerful ingredients. Comfort Zone is more than skincare, it’s about treating the whole body. The Davines Group are dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle and are highly passionate for their cause. This skincare unites the three zones, Skin, Body & Soul together they create the high standard of excellence that is adhered to for all products and services developed by Comfort Zone.  


Science is in everything Comfort Zone do from development to solutions, helping to advance the brand while keeping the warm spirit alive. Comfort Zone captures passion for art, design, and philosophy, bringing love to every product produced. Wellness is not just for today, it's staying healthy for the future. We are more concerned then ever about real results, which Comfort Zone offers. The rich Italian heritage of the Davines group is ingrained in every aspect of Comfort Zone including their impeccable taste, meticulous attention to detail, and an appreciation for sensual, indulgent experiences. All Comfort Zone products are developed and produced in Parma, Italy, in a facility that uses 100% of its energy from renewable sources.                    

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