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Dax Wax Hair Products

DAX is a household name all over the world. For over fifty years, DAX has offered hair waxes to help the shape the boldest and sleekest hairstyles, with medium to strong hold waxes and an easy to wash out formula. Dax can do it all: tame frizz and create mohawks, faux hawks, spikes, pompadours, or any other hair style that needs the superior staying power of hair wax.

Dax Waxes are created with the power of Mother Nature built in. They only use the finest quality natural ingredients known to keep your hair healthy and happy, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and lanolin. All three aid in the treatment and nourishment of the hair itself, penetrating deep into the root to bring your hair back to its natural brilliance.

A Dax For Every Hair Type

There are plenty of products on the market that promise to fight frizz, calm curls, and keep your hair looking fabulous all day long, but most of them are terrible for the health of your hair. Not so with Dax. Their unique formula locks in moisture, minimize frizz and adding shine. You’ll be rewarded for your smart hair care choice with soft, natural looking curls or waves.

Dax is perfect for straight hair as well. Only Dax is capable of keeping your hair looking like the piece of art you made in the mirror this morning. Unlike other products, Dax doesn’t dry out your hair or make it greasy to the touch. Nothing outperforms their hair wax.

Whether you’d like to add definition to curls or waves, create a funky mohawk or want to try out a new sleek hair do, let Dax show you how much your hair will love their wax. RY offers Dax Waxes at amazingly low prices so you can look great without breaking the bank!

Dax Wax Reviews:

“My hair is shorter than shoulder length and curly so the curls tend to spring up everywhere and become a mess. Love Dax Wave and Groom! No other wax has been as great at keeping my hair just the way I want it. Great find!” –Isla

“It holds very good, smells great, and rinses out with ease. For me, this is the ultimate styling product. I sometimes wear a pompadour or styled back with a part but either way Dax holds all day. It has a moderate shine and it's not greasy like some pomades or waxes. Although its hold is strong you can run your comb/brush through it at anytime to touch up. Amazing!” --Gina

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