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For Gorgeous Pearly Whites

Have you always wanted to brighten up your smile but don't have the time, cash or guts to head off to the dentist? Well, what if we were to tell you there's a way you can achieve sparkling white teeth from home whilst maintaining the strength and integrity of your chompers--intrigued yet? Enter Douglas and Co, an innovative brand that's quickly risen to the top of the at-home teeth whitening world with a multitude of easy-to-use options! Unlike many brands on the market, Douglas and Co are focused on providing you, the customer, with the teeth whitening solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.

If you're an all-natural kinda babe, you'll want to incorporate the Douglas and Co Organic Charcoal Powder into your routine, stat! Equipped with a brush and a tub of charcoal (that is far less intimidating than it looks, trust us!) you'll be on your way to whiter, brighter teeth. With pure activated charcoal the only ingredient, this method actually dates way, way back to ancient Egyptian times! Used by a lot of famous figures of the era (hello, Cleopatra!) it was the original toothpaste without all of the nasties we've come to know and, unfortunately, tolerate. Nowadays, toothpaste is a given, but make sure to supplement your gentle toothpaste solution with the Organic Charcoal Powder if you're looking to gentle coax your teeth to a whiter state.

Looking for something a little more heavy duty? Say farewell to stained, yellowing teeth with the Douglas and Co LED Teeth Whitening Kit. You may have seen this interesting product plastered all over Instagram--they look a little like a high-tech mouthguard with a glowing light, but we promise they're not just a funny gimmick. This is the be-all and end-all of at-home teeth whitening solutions! Essentially, you get a mouthguard that needs to be filled with the gel solution and attached to the LED light, before you pop it in your mouth. Bite down for 10-12 minutes up to three times weekly and watch as teeth appear whiter, brighter and less stained than ever.

Perhaps a handbag-friendly solution is the way to introduce yourself to the teeth-whitening game--the Douglas and Co Whitening Pen might be your new go-to! If you're out and about, you can run this unique little product over your pearly whites for a quick yet effective dose of the whitening solution. Peroxide-free, it's once again totally safe on the teeth. Simply twist lid off and wait for the product to run down before you apply to the teeth. It's ideal for a touch-up when you're out having a coffee--after all, we know that our favourite caffeine-rich beverage is a number one culprit when it comes to yellow teeth! is proud to be an authorised Australian stockist of Douglas and Co products.

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