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Organic Tan + Skin Care
Torn between the risk of UV rays and harsh chemicals contained in spray tans, it took single mother Sonya Driver not long at all to realise she wanted an alternate solution. Eco Tan is beautiful and is also safe from anything nasty or artificial. Eco Tan is made from natural Cacao, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile. All organic ingredients are used so safety or quality is not compromised. Certified by the Organic Food Chain, Eco Tan is recognised internationally as an organic tanning product. In Eco Tan, Sonya wanted to provide you with a range of products you’ll love – while having as little impact on Mother Nature as possible.
SHOP Tanning: Face Tan Water – Perfect anti-ageing, anti-acne face tan. Builds with application for gorgeous skin with a believable sun kissed glow. Helps even complexion and brightens skin tone and contains Vitamin C for more youthful looking skin.
SHOP Body Care: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub – exfoliate all the nasties away with this beautiful scrub that will leave behind only the softest, smoothest skin. Can be used on the whole body and face.

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