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Fragrance is at the heart and soul of all Ecoya Products. These beautiful hand crafted candles, diffusers, hand creams and more come in so many different flavours there's sure to be something to satisfy you! Guided by leading Master Perfumer, Isaac Sinclair, our vision blends luxury and natural, with a promise to present the best possible home fragrance and body care experience. Whether in the form of waxes, washes, soaps or lotions, our purpose has been to create fragrances that carry us to moments that evoke our past and inspire our future. ECOYA has grown to be one of the leading eco-luxe home fragrance and body care companies around the world, gracing the shelves of iconic department stores and boutiques in over 25 countries and making our mark in the global fragrance industry.   

ALL ECOYA CANDLES ARE MADE FROM SOY WAX, THERE IS NO UNNATURAL PETROLEUM BASED PARAFFIN USED, AND EVEN THE WICKS ARE 100% NATURAL AND MADE FROM LEAD FREE COTTON. The Ecoya brand was nurtured on the shores of Botany Bay, which was where in 1770, Joseph Banks, botanist of the Endeavour, recorded the first 100 rich botanicals of the area. Ecoya crafts all its products here in Mangrove Lane! 

The Ecoya Signature Scents:

Lemongrass + Ginger: Clean and refreshing citrus, lemon thyme and lime - well balances, not heavy handed - hints of African mint.    Vanilla Bean: Butterscotch and vanilla tones, mouth-watering and edible. Rich, luxurious layered, dense and full with hints of caramel and toffee.    Lotus Flower: Elusive, pineapple, sweet cotton candy notes with a light floral aspect, almost lavender. Warm floral and comforting.    French Pear: Spicy cinnamon, star anise characteristics reminiscent of stewed apples with crumble. Hints of all spice, juniper berries, cranberries, nutmeg and tropical fruit. Sweet with passionfruit tones.    Wild Frangipani: Voluptuous with complex buttery intricacies and subtle nuances of rose. A fragrance that builds in layers throughout the burn. Sweet Pea + Jasmine: Light, refreshing, watermelon and cucumber tones, refreshing notes of lavender. Choose any of these sensational scents and bring amazing atmosphere to any room.

Popular Ecoya products include: Ecoya French Pear Metro Candle | Ecoya Vanilla Bean Reed Room Diffuser | Ecoya French Pear Soy Melts.

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