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Eye Of Horus

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Premium Award Winning Cosmetics

Eye of Horus is an Australian made brand, focusing on colour cosmetics which come straight out of Byron Bay. The essential range of illuminating eye makeup is inspired by the Ancient Egyptians and based on Ancient Egyptian formulas, including a list of natural ingredients such as organic moringa oil - loved for its beautifying and regenerating powers. The Eye of Horus range was designed to awaken the goddess within every woman by enhancing natural beauty. It has become accustom to believe that the goddess is a mythical concept, however Eye of Horus know this is far from the truth: There is a goddess in every woman which sometimes needs a little hep bringing out. A Goddess knows she is beautiful the way she is and knows she is worthy of all the love in the world.

Eye of Horus has been voted the best beauty brand at the International Spa and Beauty Expo, so why not try the Eye of Horus range and awaken your inner goddess today?

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