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Created by founder and CEO Jennifer Gerard, Gerard cosmetics were designed for people who want an effective and hassle-free makeup experience. Fed up with mixing endless products together to get the effect she was looking for, Gerard decided to design and produce her own range of cosmetics that provided her with exactly what she needed, effortlessly.

To create her wildly successful and popular brand, Gerard spent extensive time in the lab curating luxurious and versatile products that are perfect for every skin tone, age and gender. Gerard cosmetics focus entirely on quality, not quantity, and only release products once they know they are at their best. This makeup line was created by women who empower each other, and the Gerard makeup line truly shows how this company's main objective is to provide people with luxurious yet affordable makeup that meets the needs of everyone.

The company boomed in 2014 with the release of the Gold Bullet lipstick in the shade 1995. Since then, Gerard cosmetics have released a number of beauty ranges, from hydra matte lipstick to Slay All Day setting sprays. These no-fuss makeup options are perfect for the busy person who still wants to be their most beautiful self. Shop Gerard cosmetics today at RY.

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