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Care for skin, body and beauty with Kerstin Florian. This skincare collection contains luxurious esthetician-created products for virtually any skincare need.

Kerstin Florian holds four cornerstones in its holistic approach to skincare. These include proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and caring for your body and skin. Developed in partnership with luxury spas across the world, you can bring a spa experience into your home.

Starting up in 1979, their founder Kerstin Florian was born in the scenic landscapes of Sweden. With nature becoming a source of inspiration, her products blend it with innovating and experimental treatments. Culminating in unparalleled results, this company delivers the intrinsic connectedness of nature and wellness in an energising bottle.

Create beautiful and memorable experiences in skincare by allowing your outer beauty to mirror what's inside. By combining the powerful forces of innovation, natural wellness and passion, Kerstin Florian offers an extraordinary range of next-level beauty products.

Maximise the planet's wellness as well as your own, with Kerstin Florian's commitment towards sustainability. With a conscious awareness of carbon neutrality and conservation, be inspired by the charity events and community tree planting you support in buying this skincare range.

Protect and replenish your skin against pollution damage. Leave skin feeling subtle, soft and noticeably hydrated with an enriching moisturiser. Treat your senses to an aromatic treatment and eliminate daily stress. Harmonise and thrive with your nurtured skin, enjoying the vital nutrients in Kerstin Florian that strengthens skin and spirit.

Finish what your skincare starts with Kerstin Florian's beauty range. Their skin-healthy cosmetics improve texture and luminosity, diminish visible signs of ageing and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Choose this complete range of luxury scientific spa products, now available at some of the finest spas. Make your approach to skincare holistic with Kerstin Florian.

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