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King Of Shaves

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Welcoming RYs newest member, King of Shaves, they are UK's second biggest shaving brand that will provide you with flawless looking skin in no time. King of Shaves will provide men with cheap shaving products that don’t damage the skin and leave it feeling conditioned, fresh and as soft as ever

The newest razor Azor has a bending technology which helps smooth your skin while shaving, it helps reduce the bumps and ingrown on your skin and leaves you with amazing results that will have you feeling as good as new.

To make your skin feel ultra-smooth King of Shaves has a Shave range full of shaving oils, serums and gels which are designed to condition your skin at the same time you are shaving it. They also have a Protect range which will help your skin condition and protect it against the blades with a bunch of moisturisers, balms and soothing gels. King of shaves wants to provide you with the best experience ever which is why they also have a prime range which helps you prepare and get your skin ready with cleansers and calm exfoliating washes.

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