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Linda Meredith

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No Skin Type is the Same

Linda Meredith has worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years - in that time she has built up an impressive celebrity clientele that includes Kate Beckinsdale, Gwenyth Paltrow & Madonna - just to name a few. Linda Meredith noticed that in the last 60 years that skin has changed - due to the harsh chemicals in the air. Skin used to be sorted into three categories - dry, oily, combination. However these skin types tend to over lap which means one single skin system is not enough to counter your skins problems. The Linda Meredith range counters this problem with skincare that is catered specifically for your skin concerns. All products help to boost skin hydration and fight visible signs of ageing - but when layered the products increase in effectiveness. Find out more about skincare thats specifically tailored to you here. Shop best seller V-tox, the natural alternative to Botox.

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