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Living Sea Therapy

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Living Sea Therapy is a Cornish brand specialising in a range of natural and organic bath and skincare products including body scrubs, body washes, and moisturisers. Using sustainable methods, Living Sea Therapy utilises three essential elements – sea salt, minerals, and seaweed – to extract the benefits for a restorative skincare routine.

Committed to protecting the local environment, Living Sea Therapy hand-harvests using an impact-free, 3000-year-old artisanal process that incorporates highly innovative eco-friendly technology. Developed together with its sister brand The Cornish Seaweed Co and an experienced team of environmentalists and marine scientists, the Living Sea Therapy range is created using natural ingredients and essential oils.

At the core of the skincare and bath product range is Living Sea Therapy’s magic ingredient: The Living Sea Complex. This is a combination of minerals extracted from the local rocks, three different seaweeds, and Cornish sea salt.

Nourishing and intensely hydrating, Living Sea Therapy's range is a delight for the senses, encapsulating the relaxing, laid-back ethos of Cornwall. By incorporating Cornish Sea Salt Minerals into their skincare products, they help support smooth, supple and revitalised skin. Discover Living Sea Therapy’s bath and skincare products at RY today - we're proud to be official stockists in Australia.

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