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Mason Pearson Hairbrushes
Professional hairbrushes from Mason Pearson

On the cusp of the industrial revolution in the mid 19th Century, Mason Pearson - an engineer and inventor began his career designing wool processing looms in Bradford. He then moved to London and started working in British Steam Brush Works which made small brushes by hand. Mason Pearson took the knowledge he gained working in the wool processing looms and applied it to invent the automatic brush-boring machine to speed up the whole process of brush making. In 1885 he was awarded a silver medal at the international inventions exhibition in London. He also honed the inspirational pneumatic rubber cushion hair brush which the brushes still resemble today, although with the improvements of the fully developed models of the 1920s. Mason Pearson maintain the quality and luxury that you'd expect from someone so inventive and creative. Experience the difference of Pure Bristle, Bristle & Nylon or Nylon for the softest, shiniest hair that won't break or look damaged. You can be guaranteed that when purchasing a Mason Pearson brush they will last for many years to come. Shop Mason Pearson with RY for the lowest price.

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