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"Maybe she’s born with it – maybe it’s Maybelline." There are few people around the globe that wouldn’t know this iconic slogan. But Maybelline is more than just a catchy slogan. It's offering of more than 200 products since conception in 1913 are now available in over 129 countries worldwide, making Maybelline a number one global cosmetics brand. For young girls everywhere, Maybelline is often the first cosmetic product they purchase. Watching their Mothers' apply iconic Color Sensational Lipsticks and Great Lash Mascara, young girls flock to the shops desperate to get the look. As Maybelline products are not only great quality, but also affordable, it has proven to be the perfect formula for young girls around the globe.

Maybelline came about in 1914 by a young chemist in Chicago named Thomas Williams. His older sister, Maybel, was trying her best to make her dream man fall in love with her. She applied petroleum jelly to her eye lashes and eye brows for enhancement. Thomas came up with the idea to add some carbon dust to the petroleum jelly to add even more allure – and couldn’t believe it when it worked. Maybel got her man, and Thomas went on to create the cosmetics company named Maybelline after his dear sister who inspired him.

Maybelline now celebrates 100 years in the business, and it’s evident that: “She’s still got it.” From the flapper look in the 1920’s to the Pin-up girl in the 40’s to disco diva in the 70's, the brown, barely there lip of the 90s' and beyond, Maybelline has stayed one step ahead of the trend, providing women with anything they want for their changing needs. Women everywhere look to Maybelline for flawless bases, great lashes and luscious lips. After 100 years Maybelline has proved that it is, and will continue to be top of the cosmetics game for many more years to come.

Maybelline Australia contains some of your favourite product ranges including Fit Me - the light breathable base range that blends perfectly with your skin tone and texture. Age Rewind - an anti-ageing base range that helps to visibly tone and firm skin and Maybelline Dream which offers a variety of different base products all aimed at creating a smooth, flawless complexion. Maybelline Super Stay is a long wearing range of face and lip products that apply and blend easily, and stay on for 24 hours! Take your look from day to night easily. 

Many Maybelline products contain key ingredients such as goji berry and caffeine, as well as the added benefits of SPF protection. Maybelline Face Products contain octinoxate which helps to reduce collagen damage and the diminish the effects of ageing skin. All ingredients used in Maybelline products are listed on the label using the standard industry FDA-recognized names. RY advises checking these ingredients thoroughly to prevent skin reactions.

How to use the Maybelline range: learn how to master your makeup like a pro with Maybelline's affordable and easy to use range. There are a number of ways to use Maybelline products so here is a couple of suggestions:
1) Master Perfect Brows with the Maybelline Brow Precise range.
2) Learn how to apply eye shadow like a pro with Maybelline’s understated neutrals in classic shades. Maybelline eye shadow primers and palettes give you all hundreds of options to create eye looks.
Hide redness, blemishes and other imperfections with the great range of concealers Maybelline provide.

How to pick your Maybelline Shade? It can be difficult to get the right shade for you online so it’s always best to get colour matched in store first. Another thing you can do is determine your skin’s undertone. There are a few ways you can do this. Does your face contain hints of blue, pink or ruddiness? Are your veins more blue to dark purple? Does silver jewellery flatter your skin better? These signs point towards cool skin. If your face has more tones of yellow, peach or gold, with greener veins and gold flatters you better you are warm toned. Anything in between means you swing to a more neutral base. 

Once you know which undertone you are you can pick makeup that works with your skin. If you’re a cool tone you’ll want to get pink based foundation, with cool-hued pinks, purples, reds, blues, greens and greys for the rest of your makeup. Stay away from peachy pink but bold reds and fuschsia’s can make your skin pop! Warm tones – try a yellow based foundation with orange, orange-reds, peachy pinks, bronze, browns and golds. Stay away from berry colours but vibrant corals and metallic bronze are your jam! For the lucky neutrals you can pretty much mix and match and wear whatever colour you want!

Of course these are just guidelines. With the range of different textures and colours from Maybelline you are able to express yourself however you please.

The Maybelline range consists of everything you'd need to create a flawless makeup look! From primer, foundation, concealer, mineral powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipgloss & so much more - Maybelline has your beauty needs covered. 

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