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Look 10 years younger in just 30 seconds. Nanogen has healthy hair experts who are here to help you achieve your thick hair goals with their range of thickening products. Regain your confidence with a full-looking head of hair and natural-looking results.

Nanogen's unisex brand is for everyone, created with the sole ambition of regaining control of the way we think about thinning hair. Invented in 2001, this modern and sophisticated styling brand has millions of instant, jaw-dropping results under its belt. Their discreet and virtually undetectable ranges make Nanogen leaders in the hair thickening field.

With their patented Kinetic™ strip, Nanogen's products bind hair strands 400 times better than any other leading competitor. This unique technology ensures the fibres bind to your natural head of hair, giving you long-lasting results to see you through the day. Made with 100% pure keratin, the natural building blocks of your hair, skin and nails, now is the perfect time to start your journey towards thicker hair.

Blend Nanogen's thickening products effortlessly into your hair, ensuring optimal results from root to tip. Its wholesome ingredients leave your natural hair healthy with their demagogically tested and non-damaging formulas.

Support your hair's natural growth with nourishing shampoos and cleansing conditioners.

Choose to look after the planet too with Nanogen's eco-friendly outlook. Their company ethics match the superior standard of their products, using clean energy from office to warehouse, no animal testing, and high-quality raw materials. Plus, they use 5-10% recycled glass and 100% recycled plastics in each bottle, helping them minimise their carbon footprint from base ingredients to their customer's hands.

There may be more to life than looks, but when your hair looks this good, you can't help but feel great. Feel positive and carefree with authentic hair-enhancing outcomes and natural-looking results from Nanogen.

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  • Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres White (15g)

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