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Priori Makeup & Skincare

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PRIORI Skin Care is known in the professional industry as the anti-aging authority. Priori is the most innovative source of anti-aging science and the brands Founder, Joe Lewis was the pioneer of Cosmeceutical, and is responsible for sourcing and introducing AHA’s into anti-aging products. Priori is the anti-ageing authority - transform your skin with these products that use no gimmicks, just pure science. Guaranteed to work or get your wrinkles back! 

Priori was established in 2004, and quickly became a brand at the forefront of the skincare industry. The Brand has three strains with CoffeeBerry, Idebenone and AHA based products.

Priori Coffee Berry Natureceuticals offers an all-natural alternative delivering optimum anti-aging efficiency. In a growing generation of eco consciousness, the savvy green consumer gets the best of both worlds with these all natural skincare products and the most technologically advanced skincare. This Green Cosmeceutical has no parabens, no petro chemicals, just pure natural ingredients, you can even buy Priori Online today from RY.

If you do not mind a few synthetic ingredients or bio-engineered technologies and want the absolute best results that science can deliver the Priori Advanced AHA is for you. With the latest AHA technological advances and a combination of lactic acid and vitamin complex (Vit A, E and C) in a time released formulation, this range in the Priori skincare collection is a fantastic fundamental skincare routine and will restore basic skin health.

The Priori Idebenone Complex products are designed for those who have reached a plateau of skin benefits from the Advanced AHA range. You can then progress to Priori’s next level of skin rejuvenation. Idebenone is the most powerful anti-aging antioxidant and targets aging at a cellular source, and offers the highest level of topical free radical protection.

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