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Fool Them with a St. Tropez Tan: Get a tan worthy of the French Riviera with St.Tropez tanning products. Their full line of self-tanning solutions have been used and loved all over the world, earning multiple awards in the U.S. and the U.K. Now you can have a professional self-tan in the comfort of your home without the unnatural orange colour of many tanning products. You won’t be going in to tanning salons every week for applications, so now you will have more time to show off your gorgeous tan.  

For years, many people have avoided self-tanning because of the fear of looking like a glowing orange alien. St. Tropez works with your skin’s natural tones, so no matter how much you apply, your colour is never darker than your skin would actually tan. Their unique formula is capable of giving you a longer-lasting tan, whether you use the gradual lotions or the bronzing mousse. In fact, no other brand can match the versatility of the St. Tropez line. Their tanning products can help you get the tan you want instantly, overnight, or over a few weeks, and their maintenance products and make-up ensure you are always covered in a sexy, golden tan.   

Better Tanning by Design:

St. Tropez doesn’t have the terrible smell common with the tanning products you get from the competition. Their Aromaguard technology minimises the smell commonly associated with self-tanning products. The result is a formula that goes on evenly with a light scent that is far superior to other tanning creams and lotions. St. Tropez is also completely safe to use, even for pregnant women. No ingredient used in their formula has been shown to have any levels of toxicity. Their products are only absorbed by the top layer of skin, so none of the formula is absorbed into the bloodstream.   

Our St. Tropez reviews say it all “Love it love it love it! It is tinted, so that you can see where you have applied it, which means that I don’t get any streaks! It does not smell, and for a serial tanner - I have smelt a bit in the past!” – Tara.

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