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Men's hair products can often be hard to find, with many men often simply not paying enough attention to the health and style of their hair. V76 by Vaughn intend to change this with their high-quality and sophisticated range of men's hair products.

The founder, Vaughn, is passionate about hair. He was the son of a barber and gave his first haircut in 1976. In the years since, Vaughn's client list has seen major new names, including music legend Bruce Springsteen, acting phenomenon Daniel Day-Lewis and even a former President, Bill Clinton. This premium service can be taken into your home by using V76 by Vaughn's products, developed over decades of offering the best barber services to some of the most well-known people on Earth.

V76 by Vaughn products are focused on the whole man, helping you to improve your shave and work on your hair, face and body. All products are vegan or vegetarian, free from gluten, mineral oil and petroleum and are all cruelty-free, meaning that you're able to use the best men's health products on the market guilt-free.

The wide range of products on offer from this producer include gels and balms, to hold your hair into a perfectly groomed style, facial moisturisers to keep your skin in the best condition it can be, and hydrating conditioners to keep your hair both healthy and looking great. These are just a snapshot of V76 by Vaughn's range, which includes dozens of highly specialised items.

If you're a man that's looking to better himself, or know someone that needs that perfect self-care gift, V76 by Vaughn's huge range of products means that there will always be something for the discerning man intent on self-improvement.

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