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As a young girl growing up in rural China, Wei Brian found joy in wildly running around open fields and surrounding herself with nature. One particular activity she enjoyed was picking and analysing herbs and plants, which then caused her to seek out an education in traditional Chinese medicine. After years of education from a tutor, Wei was able to incorporate these practices into her life with ease. However, she didn’t truly experience the power and potency of Chinese medicine until it saved her son’s life.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Wei set out to create her namesake line of skincare products. Amongst the WEI line are solutions for all skin types, from acne-prone and oily to dry and ageing. Each formulation within the range has been designed using ingredients rooted in TCM, including bee venom, Chinese licorice, golden root, lotus blossom and many more. Each of these have unique healing properties, and years of experience and tradition behind them. Often not used in western skincare formulations, using WEI could be the push your complexion needs to put it on the right track.

If you struggle with acne, breakouts or sensitivities, the WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask might be your new skincare saviour. Apply with the included brush and let the blend of pure Chinese clay and super-ingredient golden root dredge pores and smooth imperfections. Ageing more your primary concern? Dragon’s blood might be the unheard of ingredient you need to turn back the clock. The ‘superhero’ Dragon’s Blood Instant Eye Lift Masks help to tighten and refine the skin around the eye area, targeting sagging, crepiness and crow’s feet. Whatever your problem areas are, there’s certainly a product in the WEI range that will attend to it with the power of traditional Chinese medicine.

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