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Wei Beauty’s best-selling skincare range is enriched with the principles of traditional Chinese culture and medicine. Founded by Wei Brian, the company’s innovative and unique formulas are suitable for dry, combination, oil and normal skin.

Focusing on the use of natural ingredients when creating their formulas, most particularly botanicals and herbs, Wei Beauty’s products ensure the health and beauty of your skin are maintained and enhanced. Their dedication to natural ingredients makes the range accessible to everyone, regardless of your skin type – there are moisturisers, cleansers and soothing masks tailored to all skin concerns.

Wei Beauty’s distinctive scents for their gel creams, mists and milks ensure the delight and pleasure derived from soothing skincare, with your skin feeling boosted and revigorated after each use. The herbal remedies that formulate these products will guarantee that your skin feels hydrated, soft to touch and generally healthier and brighter.

Each cruelty-free product succeeds in increasing the pleasures of the skincare process and allowing you to easily keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. RY is delighted to be an official stockist of Wei Beauty’s natural skincare range which is available for delivery across Australia.

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