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Founded in 2005, WetBrush has become one of the most prominent and innovative designs in haircare. The brush was designed by CEO Jeff Rozenweig, who created the brush after struggling to comb his three daughters' hair. Over time, he got a sense of which elements of the brush worked best, which he eventually combined to make the WetBrush we know and love today.

The WetBrush detangles persistent knots in mere minutes, making hair maintenance easier for all hair types. Its innovative design uses 'Intelliflex' technology in its super thin, flexible bristles that yield or unbend as required, allowing the brush to glide through your hair with ease. Although hair is more vulnerable when wet, WetBrush reduces the risk of breakage, no matter what type of hair you have. These brushes are a cult beauty product and work for even the most unruly of manes.

Check out WetBrushes if you want an easier way to brush your hair, which comes in a variety of different colours, and see just how easy it is to get tangle-free locks. RY is proud to be an official stockist of WetBrush products in Australia, so browse our range and enjoy free delivery across the country.

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