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Lycogel is an innovative brand boasting the latest in breathable makeup, expertly blending cosmetics and skincare for products like no other. The brand begun with a focus on post-procedural makeup for those undergoing chemical peels, surgery and more. The idea was to create a skin-safe formula that provided the wearer with coverage, enabling them to camouflage any unwanted flare-ups, unevenness or breakouts with total ease. 

Now, years after the brand was first established, Lycogel has a much wider scope and a diversified client base. Everyday makeup wearers cite the Lycogel difference as the reason their skin has improved. The products within the range are all designed to provide optimal coverage without compromising the health of the skin, causing blockages, breakouts or reactions. Lycogel users have also reported miraculous anti-ageing benefits, and have been able to safely and successfully add Lycogel products into their daily makeup routines without irritating eczema, rosacea, cystic acne and more. 

So, what makes Lycogel so special and universal? The brand holds beauty and health at the same level of importance, as they recognise that in addition to looking after your skin, a lot of confidence can stem from the outwards appearance. This belief has created the foundation for all Lycogel products. The brand also focuses heavily on quality, ensuring each ingredient they put into their well-researched and extensively tested formulas is of only the best calibre. Lycogel uses innovative technologies, and a wide range of active ingredients, to ensure their products are beneficial for everyone, no matter their skin type or concern. 

Lycogel boasts four key products--the Breathable Camouflage foundation, the Breathable Balm, the Breathable Tint and the Breathable Concealer. The most popular in the range, the Breathable Camouflage foundation has been designed to offer total coverage without disrupting the skin’s natural balance. With a matte finish and inbuilt SPF 30, the Breathable Camouflage foundation is ideal for everyday wear. It comes in 12 shades suited to a variety of skin types, and can be easily mixed for a seamless colour. 

Cover up any unwanted imperfections with the Breathable Concealer. Once again, this product from Lycogel is pigmented and packs a lasting punch. Apply topically to blemishes and spots, or use to highlight the face. 

If full coverage isn’t really your thing, don’t worry--there’s still a Lycogel product out there for you. The Breathable Tint features less pigmentation yet the same high-quality, long lasting formula. Brightening particles give you that healthy, radiant glow you’ve always dreamed of, and SPF 30 protects against environmental damage from the full spectrum of damaging UV rays. 

Not a makeup wearer but still want to tap into Lycogel’s amazing technology? That’s where the Lycogel Breathable Balm comes in. Ideal for boosting the skin’s immunity and for wear on your no-makeup days, this can be applied all over the face, allowing you to tap into a range of amazing skin benefits. It also features SPF 15 for some added protection against the elements. 

Whatever your makeup style, there’s a Lycogel product in the range that will suit. Your skin type is unique, so protect and perfect it with this revolutionary brand. Say goodbye to makeup-induced breakouts or flare-ups! Shop Lycogel today with RY, your official stockist. We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $99, plus select Afterpay at checkout to shop now and pay later.

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