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Sick of coffee, food or life in general causing your teeth to look yellow or stained? Achieve gorgeous, sparkling teeth the natural way with these amazing at-home remedies. Forget tedious trips to the dentist--these are easy to use and can be completed from the comfort of your own bathroom! Don't be scared of the charcoal present in a lot of these products, either. Charcoal has incredible whitening abilities, so even though it'll turn your mouth black for a minute or two, once you've washed it all out you'll be left with cleaner teeth that are on the road to sparkling whiteness.

Give your teeth the pearly white treatment once or twice a week with Warpaint, an all-natural and Australian grown brand of charcoal whitening powders. Featuring no nasties, it is simply made up of activated charcoal, bentonite clay and a few natural fruit and botanical extracts such as peppermint. Smear this all over your chompers and use a toothbrush to work into those hard-to-reach places, then rinsing off after a few minutes. The results? Stunning, whiter teeth after just one week of use.

If charcoal isn't your thing, maybe it's time to give LED whitening a go! With this easy-to-use and totally customisable kit from Douglas and Co, it's simpler than ever to get bright white teeth from home. Fit the mouthpiece to your teeth and add in the gel before inserting into your mouth with the LED attachment. Although it might look a little scary and high-tech, we promise that anyone can use this kit to achieve whiter teeth from home! Use a few times a week and you'll blind everyone you meet with that dazzling smile. 

RY are proud authorised Australian stockists of Douglas and Co, Warpaint and over 200 other brands. Shop teeth whitening products today with RY at the lowest prices guaranteed and with free Australian shipping over $99.

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