Fix your Broken Make-up Compacts in 5 Steps!

Isn’t it always the way? You spend a lot of your hard earned money on an amazing make-up compact only to – WHOOPS! I dropped it.If you’re anything like me, this probably happens to you All. The. Time.You think it’ll be okay, you can just press it back together and continue to use it. But every time you open that compact and your favourite highlighter/ eyeshadow/ blush falls all over the place, you’re just reminded of your failure. So you keep that compact hidden in the back of your cupboard – never to be used again.Well, those days are over! With a few household ingredients, and our little 5 step method – you can completely repair your broken compacts!

How to Fix your Broken Make-up Compact in 5 Steps!

1. Take your broken compact and the end of a knife and mix the compact around so it’s completely crushed. Most of the time when you drop your compact only the top part is actually broken and the underneath is still in a big lump. For best results, all the powder should be as finely crushed as possible.

2. Grab your rubbing alcohol and pour enough in your compact so as not to saturate it, but make it so the powder is covered and damp enough to stir.

3. Using the end of your knife again, stir the mixture around so it’s completely combined. For the perfect finish, use the knife tip to smooth the product out.

4. Wait a few hours until some of the alcohol has evaporated before grabbing your favourite lipstick (rounded bottoms work best) and press the powder flat.

5. Leave the powder to completely dry overnight.

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Renee Volck

Renee Volck

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