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Gym Beauty Tips. How To Look Good While You Work Out

 Gym Beauty Tips

Pain is beauty they say, and the gym is sure enough one of those painful places… designed to make beautiful. A concentrated arena of sweaty human bodies, trying to feel good, look good and be an all-round better version of themselves. But how do you maintain your beauty against the perils of sweaty, smelly skin? Can us women mix exercise with glamour? We all want to look good, but how do you look good, while trying to look better? Here’s a thing or two on how to pull yourself together… while, you’re pulling yourself together!

Less is more. From time-to-time you’ll spot a busty-blonde in a tight pink gym get-up, sporting a full-face of makeup. While that may be all well and good for the googling male bystanders – it’s not good for you. It’s a bad mix-up and it’ll also bring to question how hard you’re actually working with all that stuff on. Avoid foundation and powder at the gym. Did you know that foundation acts as a veil and traps your workout sweat from excreting properly? Sweat can be good, but not if it’s going to stop the detox. Sweating does provide a way for the body to cool itself down as we know, but it’s also helps your detox. Not to mention a mixture of makeup and sweat will make you look sillier than what you think you may look without makeup… but you make it nigh on impossible for those pesky toxins to escape. So if you can bear it, go to the gym el naturale using face wipes before and after to keep your skin pores unblocked. Or, if you prefer to work out in the morning before work or in between a busy schedule, cleansing bars are great – if you have a travel soap dispenser, you can use it in the shower after the gym and be on your way!

If You Can’t Make The Cut. If you’ve sworn to the fitness gods (and you’ve sworn at me) that you can not possibly wear nothing on your face to the gym, whether it be because that cute guy at the reception desk is just too darn cute or because you don’t feel comfortable – then don’t ruin your mascara – I have another idea… but be warned, your skin will thank you less for it. BB Cream is popular on the market and the female race are taking to its fancy as more and more beauty companies experiment with their own BB range. These days you can get concealers and creams that are made without mineral oils or artificial colouring agents, but you’ll need to shop around and do your research. BB Creams and concealer are great investments to make, if you don’t want a full face of foundation everyday, but you want to look semi-presentable at the gym. I also suggest skipping things like primer, because they’re too heavy on the skin. Try a mister or mineral water spray, they’ll help set what ever kind of coverage you’re putting on your skin, but inject certain natural elements into the skin to balance our your pH and leave you looking fresh, instead of blotchy.

Now… speaking of mascara…

Peace of Mind. For some women, their BB Cream and their lip balm are like the hairs on their heads… they go, where she goes, no exceptions! But for me, mascara is key. I would shy away in a dark alleyway, if it meant no one would see my bare blonde lashes. So, while I may be able to brave a face without foundation or leave my eyebrows uncoloured, I will always, always and I mean always – wear mascara! This is my own personal interpretation of what I would consider not wearing makeup. And each to their own, we all have one thing that we wear – no exceptions! However, I’ll admit, mascara does pose a few problems. The last thing you need at the gym, is a few drops of salty sweat in the eye and before you know it, you’ve turned half-human half cosmetic-panda. Set that sh*t in stone ladies! Waterproof mascara, an absolute cosmetic miracle, if I do say so myself. But remember, leaving your makeup on is a big skin no-no and your eyelashes, while they may not be skin for-say, the same rule applies please ladies and this is where those quick and easy face-wipes come into the picture again.

Now that the hard work is done for you, go off and be one with your inner fitness goddess! Just remember, if you are prepared to put your all into a work out, then you should do the same for your skin… we aren’t snakes ladies, we don’t want snake skin. So look after your skin when you work out, because we want you to love the skin your in.



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