Worst Wedding Disaster Ever

A controversial new reality program is making waves all over Australian TVs called Married at First Sight. The program shows complete strangers agreeing to a legal marriage with a complete stranger. A team of scientific match makers determine the partners, who will have not met or even seen each other until the day of their wedding. Over a few weeks the series will document the couples through marital events including the honeymoon.


Oh wait, but it can’t be a reality TV show without an element of the unreal. Every bride, of course, conforms to societal standards of beauty and all of the men are smouldering, with perfectly groomed hair, facial included. The brides walk down the runway, glammed head to toe in self tanner, heavy make up and hair done up to the nines. Well you’re going to be happy with that, aren’t you fellas?


Do you think these gents would be so happy to get hitched, if their brides came down the aisle without the flash do-s and the flawless faces? When you’re getting married it is natural to want to look your best. However most partners have seen each other at their worst already, these couples haven’t. If it were your wedding – hell even if it were your first date you’d prepare to put your best face forward.

So here’s a real TV series for you: Bare Faced Bride.

I know it’s not THE worst thing that could happen at your wedding.

Here’s some wedding disasters that ACTUALLY HAPPENED to some Brides.

1. The Bride’s brother took it upon herself to propose to his girlfriend at the reception. awkward proposal

2. While getting photo’s taken of the Bridal Party by the water, the jetty collapsed – leaving the whole party flailing around in their wedding attire.

wedding disaster

3. The ring bearer tripping and losing the ring during the ceremony.



OR even worse

4. Having the wrong flowers.


But seriously. Imagine the shock horror if your future wife came walking down the aisle – all natural. If the bloke who you were going to spend the rest of your life with wasn’t trim, taut and terrific standing under the alter? Marriage at first sight – sure. Marriage at first site ALL natural – no thanks!

So,  if  you had to narrow down your abundant make up collection to just ONE product for your wedding day – or even just for your date night what would you pick?

You heard me ladies – ONE.

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