The ESPA Bestsellers You Need to Know About

So, we may have sold you on luxury spa brand ESPA, but now you’re probably wondering which products in their extensive range are worth grabbing. Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed (trust us, there’s a lot to choose from), we’ve rounded up a list of ESPA bestsellers that includes skincare, body care, haircare and home must-haves.

The ESPA Bestsellers You Need to Know About

Keep reading to discover which ESPA bestsellers are totally worth your while and will transform your home into a relaxing spa with luxe vibes.

Optimal Skin ProCleanser

ESPA bestsellers Optimal Skin ProCleanser

The ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser, designed for all skin types, uses Jojoba spheres to deliver a 3-in-1 cleansing experience. These small beads slough away gently at dead skin, where pumpkin enzymes brighten and Moringa seed extract removes makeup and dirt from the skin’s surface and pores.

Use this product morning and night for a brighter, healthier complexion. The Optimal Skin ProCleanser can also be left on as a mask to smooth, soften and revitalise the complexion over longer periods, or even overnight.

Hydrating Floral SpaFresh

Hydrate, soothe and protect the complexion with the ESPA Hydrating Floral SpaFresh. Enriched with key botanical oils and extracts, such as rose geranium and neroli, this toner is your multi-beneficial answer to all-round improved skin.

Simply apply after your cleanser by pouring a small amount onto a cotton pad and sweeping over the face and neck. Any skin type will adore this refreshing must-have, but dry skins in particular will benefit.

Refining Skin Polish

ESPA bestsellers Refining Skin Polish via India-Robyn

Dig deep into the pores and exfoliate brilliantly in-one with the ESPA Refining Skin Polish. An essential multi-tasker for any skincare collection, this ultra-fine exfoliant helps to clear and brighten the complexion. Whether you’re suffering from breakouts, clogged pores or a lack of radiance, the Refining Skin Polish should be the next formula you put to the test. Plus, shea butter ensures skin stays nourished and smooth while you gently scrub.

Use once or twice a week depending on your skin type — dry complexions will benefit from less frequent use, whereas oilier skins can get away with using this product more often.

Optimal Skin ProSerum

ESPA bestsellers Optimal Skin ProSerum

When we’re discussing ESPA bestsellers, we can’t forget about the Optimal Skin ProSerum, a go-to product for practically every skin type. Rich and balmy without being overpowering, this serum uses natural oils and extracts such as sunflower and turmeric to rejuvenate the complexion. It’s an ideal anti-ager, as it restores elasticity and omegas in addition to brightening and smoothing.

Warm a little in your hands before applying to cleansed skin, massaging in well. This product in particular really reflects what ESPA is about, as it has that super nourishing, stunningly scented feel most spa products do.

24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

Does your skin need a serious boost of moisture? The ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser will be a necessary addition to your skincare routine! Part of the Replenishing range, this moisturiser deeply hydrates the complexion for lasting nourishment, and also fends off the physical signs of ageing.

Key botanical actives such as myrrh, frankincense, neroli, jojoba and evening primrose are all present in this luxe formula. Vitamin E also works to protect the skin against the elements, including free radicals. Simply apply as the final step in your skincare routine of a morning and night for optimal results.

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

ESPA bestsellers Pink Hair and Scalp mud

Condition, smooth and soften for luscious locks with the ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud. A ‘cult’ favourite product in the range, this hair mud not only takes on a stunning shade of millennial pink, but delivers a whole host of long-lasting benefits to the hair and scalp. Red clay soothes itchy, dry or flaky scalps, whereas apricot kernel oil works to strengthen the hair and instil health.

To use this product, firstly jump into the shower and get your hair wet. Once it’s damp, apply the ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud to the scalp and through the roots and mid lengths of the hair. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse. You can also leave this product on overnight for heightened results.

Bergamot and Jasmine Body Lotion

Soften, smooth and fragrance the skin with the ESPA Bergamot and Jasmine Body Lotion. Enriched with a unique blend of natural, pure essential oils, this lotion is intensely nourishing and will give the skin that supple, baby-soft feel you’ve always dreamed of. Simply apply following your shower or bath to towel-dried skin, massaging in in circular motions.

Soothing Body Oil

Encourage total relaxation with the ESPA Soothing Body Oil. An infusion of sandalwood, rose geranium and frankincense works to alleviate those troubles and create a calm atmosphere as you gently massage the product into the skin. Not only will your body feel supple, nourished and smooth, but you’ll also be more inclined to relax and have a peaceful rest. Apply before you drift off to sleep for best results.

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