Behind the Brand – ghd

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive daily is:

Which hair straightener is the best?

The answer on the tip of our tongue is ghd – the original and revolutionary straightener that changed the world.

But below are some things you probably didn’t know about ghd.

Keep reading to find out why ghd is the name on everyone’s lips – what makes them so damn good and how ghd came to be.

ghd IV

OG and still the best

Behind the Brand – ghd:

If you can even remember before you got your first hair straightener (it’s like there was never such a time) you might remember the hours spent trying to blow dry your hair straight, the sweat running down your neck, your hair frizzing, and no amount of product could keep that mane sleek for more than a few hours.

Seeing the gap in the market – 3 entrepreneurs from Leeds in the UK; Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls decided to acquire production and distribution rights for a high end, high quality flat iron. Robert Powls had previously worked as a hair stylist, salon manager and owned 3 hair salons and knew they could be on to a winner.

ghd was born.

The original ghd straightener was given to a few select UK hair stylists – many were shocked by the high price of the straightener but every stylist that received it refused to give it back. News of the versatility of this amazing styler spread, and soon everyone was talking about ghd. All the celebrities wanted ghd to be used on their hair including Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. ghd was seen as the ultimate symbol of status and glamour.

ghd at the core of fashion, style & glamour:

Now ghd is a staple backstage at runway shows across the globe, and in homes everywhere around the world. It’s iconic in the fashion world with the power to captivate style leaders. ghd continues to innovate and stay a step ahead of the competition with it’s non conformity. Unlike any other hair and beauty brand ghd strives to be edgy and different with styling tools and styling products that are cutting edge.

Is ghd the right hair tool for you?

Whether you’re a top hair stylist, or just a woman who wants to perfect her look – ghd has something for you. Once you have a ghd you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it – no girl can live without her ghd now. Every girl can achieve glamorous hair straight from the runway.

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Renee Volck

Renee Volck

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