Eye Makeup Techniques for Beginners

One of the first things we notice when we meet new people is their eyes. It is where we get our best indication of an individual’s personality and even an idea of how much they are attracted to us. Perhaps because of this, eyes are often the thing women want to concentrate on the most when creating their individual look.

The first step in learning how to properly apply eye makeup is a critical self-examination. Find a mirror and take a seat somewhere flooded with natural light. Really look at the shape of your eyes. Are they close together? Are they narrow? Whatever is staring back at you in the mirror, don’t be discouraged. The correct eye make up techniques can fix all of these problems, creating the illusion of perfection for those among us who are mere mortals.

Light Creates Space

If your eyes are close together, you need to concentrate lighter shadow colours on the inner corners. No matter what shades you are using, be sure to keep the darker colours at the outer corners and gradually blend inward until the lightest colour is closest to the nose. This gradient of tones helps to both shape and widen the eye. You may want to take this a step further by highlighting the inner corners with a white shadow.

If you are older, avoid shimmer as the mica in these powders can settle into lines, drawing attention to your age. A matte powder may be more suitable. Don’t forget to add a little bit of light to the area above your brows and between them as well. If well blended, this subtle eye makeup technique opens up the whole area making the eyes look bigger and therefore more approachable, and youthful.

Don’t Fear the Liner!

Even if you have mastered your shadow application, if your eyeliner is faulty, your look is ruined. If you don’t already own a magnifying mirror – go get one. Pick up a pencil sharpener while you’re there. The key to perfect liner application is practice and the right tools. If you are applying your liner with a blunt pencil, a million miles away from the mirror, you simply won’t be able to get to look you want.

Don’t be afraid spending time getting that line as close to the lashes as possible. When you’ve accomplished that, gently lift your lid and run the pencil along the area right beneath your lashes. Known as the ‘waterline’ this area, when eyeliner is applied properly, makes the eye pop.

Everyone’s eyes are different and very few people can boast having the ‘perfect’ shape. The key to any professional application is taking the time to examine the individual eye and using the right eye makeup techniques to create the illusion of perfection.

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