This $11 Concealer is a Beauty Influencer Fave

Here’s a handy little fact that may or may not come as a surprise–roughly 25 percent of of Australian women spend more than $150 on beauty buys every single month. There’s no doubt in our minds that concealer is included in that swag.

And, the same research shows, we’re prepared to go to great lengths to ensure we have the cash to splash. One in five of us will happily ditch dinner plans with friends, and one in 10 will even overdraw the bank account or skip a phone bill. Um, ladies! We applaud your commitment, but let’s get sensible here. You need to eat.

This $11 Concealer is a Beauty Influencer Fave

Given that, you’ll be straight-up delighted to discover the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer ($11) if you haven’t already. This snappily-priced tube of sheer genius is used and loved by beauty influencers the world over. Not surprisingly, it’s also gaining a following amongst us everyday folk – in fact, it’s currently our number one selling make-up item for 2017.

Here are a few handy tricks and tips from Jade, senior beauty therapist at our RY Burleigh salon, that should help you make the most of your concealing game.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Image via Sleek Hair.

What makes this product so good?

Apart from the fact that it’s very cheap and seriously works as well as more expensive concealers, I think a big reason this is popular is because of the range of shades. There are 25 of them, so it suits all skin types and is really versatile in that you can use it to conceal, correct, contour or simply brighten.

Colour correctors tend to be products where you can generally get away with a cheaper price. They’re worn under your top layers of make-up, so if blended and set correctly, they have a greater likelihood of living up to their claims of being long-lasting – compared to foundations and powders.

But, be careful to watch for creasing and don’t overdo it! L.A. Girl Concealers tend to have more pigmentation, which is great for the life of the product (as you need less per use) but if you use too much of one colour, you can look like a bit like abstract art.

How do you apply it?

If you’re just dabbling in correctors, the more outrageous shades can be frightening but I assure you, it’s far easier than it seems.

Firstly, take a look in the mirror and work out what you want to cover up. The general rule of thumb is to pick the opposite colour, and if you’re really not sure, just Google ‘corrector colour wheel’ images and use that as a guide. You can also use our handy little guide to colour correcting found here. Typically, people want to either cover dark circles under their eyes, red marks and blemishes, or both–you can always use multiple colours.

Image via Olive and Ivy.

Which colours do I use and where?

For dark circles, go for an orange, or depending on how dark your skin tone is, a red concealer. This cancels out the blue and purple undertones of the circles. In those places where you have redness come through, usually around the nose or blemishes, go for the opposite of red, which is green.

The more adventurous of you will also have a lavender shade, which is great for neutralising any unwanted yellow tinges to the skin or simply as a highlighter to counteract any sallowness. I also like to finish my look with a purple-based powder, to help brighten the face all over.

If that’s too advanced, just go for one that looks natural, or with yellow undertones, that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tones. These are more universal and you can use it to cover up under-eye circles, age spots, freckles and pesky pimples.

Of course, you don’t just have to use L.A. Girl to achieve this look! We also love these products from Mirenesse, Garbo & Kelly and more for establishing that stunning, airbrushed-looking base (although we’ll definitely give the Pro Concealer five stars for being both affordable and totally high quality).

If you’re not already convinced about the LA Girl concealers, let me reiterate–they’re only $11! Let us know in the comments whether you’ve tried colour correcting before and what your fave products to use for that flawless base are.

Featured image via the Blushing Giraffe.

Shop the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer ($11) here. Post written by guest author Kelly Baker. Click here to read the original post.



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