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How to Stop your Make-Up from getting EVERYWHERE!

You’re getting ready in your designated “getting ready area”. Which for some of you is your perfectly designed and organised white dresser (YouTube beauty vloggers I’m looking at you), your desk, cross legged on the carpet below your mirror, or let’s be honest – over the bathroom sink. Yet for some reason, when you get home you realise you’ve left a trail of make-up. On the sink, on the towels, on the cupboards, on the doors, on the walls, on your steering wheel – please don’t be on my white work blouse. And oh, yep, on my white work blouse.

close up of white shirt and red lipstick on it

unlikely placement


There’s a few things you can do to stop your make-up from getting everywhere, resulting in less time cleaning up, meaning more time in your pajamas drinking choc chip chai watching Friday Night Lights.

How to Stop your Make-Up from Getting Everywhere:

  1. Apply small amounts of everything and build it up. If you whack a giant dollop of foundation on your face and realise you have too much, where do you think that goes? “I’ll wash it down the sink.” – Sure, along with your dreams of having a clean bathroom. This goes for powder as well. If you are dipping your brush into a huge puff of powder the excess is going to go everywhere. Apply liberally to save product and reduce mess.
  2. Try setting your make-up with a translucent powder or setting spray. This is especially crucial to avoid ruining your clothes. The setting spray or powder will make sure your makeup doesn’t slip and slide around all day and won’t transfer to your clothes – or your fingers. Think about how many times you touch your face at work. Then wipe your hands on your clothes….. yikes.
  3. Clean your area as you go. Don’t think “oh I’ll clean up at the end” – because at the end you’re five minutes late already and still have to make lunch. Wipe down the sink/ bench/ cupboard you’re working at. Clean your brushes so they’re not leaving excess product everywhere.

The last but EASIEST thing to do is:

4. Wash yo damn hands. How hard is it to wash your hands before you put them on your towel/ cupboard/ door/ clothes? Making life easier.

If it’s already too late and you’ve already got make-up everywhere you need…

smashed makeup

one of life’s true tragedies 

How to get rid of Make-Up stains:

  1. For clothes and the counter top try a white vinegar and water solution
  2. SHAVING CREAM. Yes believe it or not shaving cream works wonders on liquid foundation. Mix it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol if need be
  3. For your steering wheel, most car shops sell a good steering wheel cleaner that get’s off everything

White Vinegar

So if you’re still wondering why your make-up is getting everywhere – it’s because you’re a grub.

Do you have any make-up removing tips?

What do you use to get rid of makeup stains?

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Renee Volck

Renee Volck

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