RY Launches Natural & Organic Section Curated by JS Health

RY is pleased to announce the launch of our Natural & Organic Section! You can now shop the RY Natural and Organic section curated by Nutritionist and best selling Author of The Healthy Life Jessica Sepel . This new section on our website means you can shop a wide range of newly added natural brands without the guilt.



Jessica Sepel offers nutritional advice, and guides people to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve physical and psychological balance. Jessica will examine your lifestyle, not just your diet, and treat you as a whole person, not just ‘parts’ as she is a firm believer in seeing clients as individuals, and customising plans to suit them. And she has knowledge from her personal experience – as someone who struggled with her own body image for most of my teenage years and early 20s – Jessica made the change to natural skin and household items and has never looked back. Once she started listening to her body, it responded in the best way. It healed itself. Jessica freed herself from the all-consuming obsession with food, and finally found balance. And she can help you do the same.

Here we were lucky enough to speak with Jessica and find out what natural & organic mean to her, and some of her top picks from our range.

RY: Jessica, it is such an honour to have you as the face of our organic and natural section launch. Can you please introduce yourself to our followers, in one sentence sum yourself up…

Jessica: Hi, I am so excited to be working with you! I am a clinical nutritionist, health blogger and best selling author of The Healthy Life. I am a self-confessed health nut.

RY: You are a huge advocate of clean living for a healthy body and mind.  Can you please tell us about your journey describing how your attitude towards clean living has changed over the years?

Jessica: I used to be ‘weight conscious’ not ‘health conscious’. I never really viewed food in terms of how it would nourish and take care of my body from the inside out. After years of studying nutrition, I had a new-found respect for food and how healing it is for the body. Now I take a very gentle approach with food and my body. It is a simple formula – I eat foods that make me feel good. I care too much about my body to do otherwise. I eat clean foods, but I also allow for indulgence. I tune into my body and eat, move, rest according to that. I listen to my body – not my Instagram feed or the latest diet trend.

RY: Now, let’s talk beauty. One of your favourite quotes is ‘When it comes to beauty, what’s on the inside counts’. What staples are included in your diet to ensure you look your very best?

Jessica: When it comes to beauty foods, again it’s about eating clean foods that your body knows how to process. Processed and packaged foods are hard for the body to breakdown; which can cause an array of health issues and really stops you from glowing. I avoid anything processed and packaged. I also don’t eat gluten or refined sugar. I eat limited amounts of dairy, as it can be problematic for the skin, but I love to enjoy some organic versions of dairy. I make a real effort to enjoy greens with every meal. I eat protein with every meal – our body’s cells need the amino acids to repair –including skin and hair cells. I ensure I have lots of antioxidant rich foods in my diet to protect my cells e.g.: berries, greens, nuts, seeds etc. I drink loads of water with lemon.

RY: And do you have a daily skincare regime?

Hardly. I keep things really simple! I wash my face with some natural soap (RY loves Cedar + Stone Ylang Ylang & Rose Geranium Bar), and then I use a moisturizer from Trilogy. I love to do DYI facemasks on the weekend – I have yummy recipes for these in my book. Rest, water and clean foods are my regime. Taking good care of your digestion is a very important part of my beauty regime – I avoid gluten, take probiotics and ensure my stress levels are under control. When I have a blemish, I pour some apple cider vinegar onto cotton wool and dab it onto the blemish.

RY: Part of your clean living lifestyle involved being educated and vigilant about the products you use on your body. What ingredients do you avoid in your beauty and skincare products?

Jessica: I just avoid any ingredients that I cannot read or understand! I only buy products that contain wholefoods and ingredients which I know are natural.

RY: And how important is it to you that the products you use are organic or natural?

Jessica: Natural is what I go for. I prefer the products to be certified organic but I know sometimes that is an expensive process. There are a few brands I know I can trust and I stick to them.

RY: What about any favourite beauty rituals that you indulge in such as dry body brushing, masks, etc?

Jessica: As mentioned, I do DYI facemasks on the weekends that use yummy wholefoods such as avocado, coconut oil and natural yoghurt. I love to soak in Epsom salts in a bath to relax my body because I believe stress is the number one beauty killer. Also, I do love to dry body brush 2-3x/week and I moisturise my body with rosehip oil. I love to use vitamin E cream on my face and neck. Yoga is an amazing part of my beauty regime – less stress = better glow.

RY: We know you are a minimalist when it comes to beauty and skincare products but do you have any favourite natural ingredients that you look for when purchasing products?

Jessica: I love rosehip oil – such a goodie. Trilogy has a beautiful product (Trilogy Rosehip Oil). Coconut oil is another product which I love to use as a body moisturizer and also as a hair treatment.

RY: Tell us about your relationship with makeup. Do you wear makeup daily and if so what is your go-to look?

Jessica: I love to keep it simple. I use mascara, a highlighter powder and some natural lip balm. At night, I use a little black eyeliner.

RY: What are your favourite products in your beauty case?

Jessica: I love anything from The Jojoba Company, KORA and Trilogy.



Check out our Natural & Organic section today, proudly curated by Jessica Sepel here.

What’s your favourite natural product?

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert