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Hair Styling Products Guide

With so many different hair styling products on offer in today’s market, it’s hard to choose the one right for your hair style. Fear not, for I am here to help guide you through the world of hair styling and help you select a product most suited for yourself. Whether it’s strong-hold, flexible, a wax or pomade- you can be assured that there is a product out there for you!


You may have noticed that in the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of an old-fashioned slick-back. This wet look is achieved using pomade and there is none better on the market today than the Redken for Men Polish Up Pomade. This product works through hair for strong definition and flexibility without weight. Moisturisers in the pomade add a super shine to the hair and also provide moist separation.


Hair gel is one of the most versatile hair styling products there is. Almost any short-hair style can be achieved and done well using a hair gel. What makes gel so popular is that it almost always offers a firm hold for any style, saving you the worry of whether or not your hair is still in the style it was when you left the house. Tigi Bed Head offers a fantastic gel in their Men’s Power Play Firm Finish Gel. This is ideal for those who want a firm finish and strong hold as it never lets you down or crumble under pressure.


Just like hair gels, waxes offer versatility to their hair styling. Most offer pliability to their finishes, allowing you to re-style throughout the day and night. They also come in different finishes, with matte and wet the most popular, although there are waxes that fall somewhere in between these two looks. Waxes are best utilised when wanting a messy look, giving the impression of a natural style. One of the best waxes available is the Instant Rockstar Soft Rock Medium Hold Wax. This gives a matte finish and loose hold,  designed for multi-styling throughout the day.


Sometimes, you have a style that just requires that extra hold. This is where a hairspray comes into play. Hairsprays give you confidence that your style is in place and will stay there for hours to come. One hairspray that offers maximum hold without leaving your hair sticky is the KMS Hair Stay Maximum Hold Hair Spray. This spray also contains KMS’s patented IOPS (Inside Out Perfecting System), keeping your hair healthy and improving the look of it over time.

Hopefully after reading this you have found a product that suits you perfectly. With such a wide range of brands, it can be difficult to find a good hair styling product but have faith; there is always a product out there which will give you the style, hold and finish you’re looking for.

James Patten

James Patten

Writer and expert