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Freeze Frame

Move over, Botox. Freeze Frame is clinically proven to offer advanced, affordable – and most important, effective – anti aging benefits safely, without surgical needs. Really. Often known as “Instant Botox”, Freezeframe wrinkle filler has been featured in Daily Telegraph, Woman’s Day, Good Health and many other media outlets. This beautifying genius of a product is known for it’s ability to “airbrush” wrinkles, diminish pores and fill in tiny lines on your face with one easy at-home cosmetic treatment!

For decades, we have sought out a non-surgical approach to anti aging Pricey fillers and complicated facelifts that lead to a schedule of frequent doctor visits and a lengthy list of possible allergic risks. The skin-loving vitamins and priceless nutrients found in Freezeframe have been proven effective and safe for even the most sensitive of skins (refer to product instructions for further detail). All it takes is a simple application in the privacy of your own space. In just moments, you will start to see fine lines and wrinkles disappear, age spots diminish and even notice a reduction in under eye circles. These affordable products combine a legion of perfecting technologies to “airbrush” aging from the face. In fact, the beautifying technology in Freezeframe is so advanced; it is proven to permanently diminish wrinkles up to 63% in less than one month!

How exactly does Freeze Frame work and how long does it take?
The product combines 3 skin perfecting procedures with the convenience of one petite tube.
• The wrinkle filler starts working immediately using SOFT FOCUS AIRBRUSH nano sphere anti aging technology, which reflects light to skin. This features diminishes fine lines and blurs out imperfections immediately – like airbrushing a photo!
• Just ten minutes later, Freezeframe wrinkle filler plumps up skin with Hyalurifill™, a formula consisting of transdermal hyaluronic acid. These invisible, yet oh-so-effective spheres work overtime to make wrinkles temporarily disappear from the face – all with one simple application.
• Freezeframe products are packed with healthy skin primers and silicon-based fillers for a fresh, gorgeous and strikingly youthful glow within 1 hour. Watch as the results keep on getting better!

How long does Freeze Frame wrinkle filler last?

Skin plumping and wrinkle airbrushing lasts for approximately 8 hours or your next face wash, followed by a lifetime of anti aging benefits. Use it daily for amazing anti aging effects or save the product to achieve a facial ‘lift’ for highly-photographed events. Excited yet? This is truly a way to turn back the hands of time for under $100. remember, this revolutionary no-hassle skincare product not only diminishes fine lines, it eliminates tedious visits for Botox and other plastic surgery procedures. Freezeframe wrinkle filler is available now for purchase at

The Range
Freezeframe BOOST is a serum that is free of fragrance (good for sensitive skins) and packed with the world’s most energetic lipids and peptides that absorb into skin immediately. The wrinkle relaxing benefits are scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by over 63%.. in under one month! BOOST is undetectable under your regular moisturizer and works strongly with Freezeframe wrinkle fillers.

Freezeframe with INHIBOX Prepare to be amazed at this wildly dramatic wrinkle filler. The Botox alternative complex found in INHIBOX relaxes expression wrinkles – crows’ feet, forehead lines and small lines above lips – created by normal, everyday expressions and stress. The painless wrinkle filler lifts the face instantly (as in, a painless facelift) and lasts for up to 8 hours or until washing. The long-term effects are similar to that of Freezeframe BOOST.

Freezeframe Wrinkle Filler promises to blur out lines and imperfections right before your eyes – it works! Contains 3 age-reducing technologies that plump wrinkles out of skin, blur lines and reduce pores. All in a light-reflecting complex that improves your look, beginning instantly. Can also be used with other products.

Wrinkle Relaxing Night Cream is amongst the most powerful night time creams around. It’s peptide complex is ultra-concentrated and surrounded by minerals and nutrients any skin needs. The result is dramatically reduced wrinkles *up to 36% in 28 days) and a permanently ageless appearance.

Say goodbye to thoughts of painful plastic surgery and wrinkle filler injections. Every product is under $90 AUD! Buy Freezeframe products online this instant at  Our Skin Therapist have tried and tested the Freezeframe products and are more than happy to discuss over the phone.



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