Inside the beauty bag of Emily Seebohm

We all agree that looking after our hair and skin is often a high maintenance proposition. Now imagine spending up to 4 hours in a pool full of chemicals and trying to balance your  hair and skincare regime with training to become and Elite athlete. Emily Seebohm is an Olympic swimmer based in Brisbane and a regular customer of Ordering online is the perfect option for emily. Fast delivery and a wide range of professional and prestige beauty products means that Emily can get on with the job of winning medals for Australia. In the build up to the Pan Pac games Emily took time our from her schedule to chat with us, and reveal the contents of her beauty bag.



Q: You obviously spend a lot of time in the water, does this have an effect on your hair. What products are you currently using?

A: My hair can get pretty disgusting from all the chlorine but I use Redken’s All soft Shampoo and Conditioner and twice a week I use Redken’s Cleansing Cream and on weekends I like to use a hair treatment to keep it shiny and soft!

Q: Has your hair ever gone green from the chlorine?

A: My hair is very important to me so I like to keep in the best condition I can even with the constant chlorine intake so lucky enough my hair has never gone green.

Keeping your body in tip top shape for competition is import, do you pay much attention to the health of your skin?

A: My skin is probably were I need to pay more attention but I Do try and look after it. I use Invisible Zinc sunscreen because I swim outdoors and my skin is fair and sensitive I have to take extra care of it as I do get burnt easily. As I am fair skinned I do like to fake tan in winter and sometimes in summer too, my favourite fake tan is St Tropez which is amazing!

Q: What products are you currently using ?

A: At the moment I am using on my hair Redken All soft Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Cleansing Cream, On my skin St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse, On my nails I love OPI colours at the moment I am wearing Alpine Snow and when I can have a chance to go out I love to style my hair using my GHD hair straighter and Babyliss curlers.

Q: You must have to travel away from home a lot. Do you have 3 must have beauty, or skincare products that you take with you and cant live without?

A: I travel around the world for swimming a lot and I take these with my every time I go, Nivea In-shower skin conditioner, paw paw lotion and Vaseline Spray and go body moisturiser.

Q: If your going out for dinner or a big night out do you take a lot of time to get ready?

A: If I am going out it takes me a very long time to get ready as it doesn’t happen often so I like to do my hair and make up!

Q: We believe that looking good is second to feeling good about your self. Beauty is only skin deep. What advice would you have for people about living a healthy lifestyle?

A: My advice is to do things that make you happy as life is short and not worth being unhappy!




Kylie Freeman

Kylie Freeman

Writer and expert