The RY Natural Edit: Beauty Supplements + More!

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes we can forget about the cost this has on the environment and our bodies. The average person will slather themselves in at least 10 different products on any given day and that’s just skincare! Most of the chemicals present in your everyday beauty products aren’t harmful in small doses, but after a while, these can begin to add up. So, if you’re concerned about all of the parabens, teas, sulphates and more that are a part of your beauty regime, maybe it’s time to go natural?

The RY Natural Edit: Beauty Supplements + More!

Well, you’ve come to the right place–our RY Natural Edit is here! This exciting new launch is curated by knowledgeable yogi and health professional Mary Kant of Mantras and Mangos, and is full of cool new goodies you’re sure to love.

Featuring some of the most innovative organic brands available right now, all formulated with your body and the environment in mind, we’ve got each step of your beauty routine sorted. Check out our exciting new ranges, including beauty supplements, sleep aids and teeth whitening.

We’re dedicated to giving you the brands that are at the forefront of organic and environmentally-friendly beauty so that you can look after yourself the natural way.

Beauty Supplements

Ever wanted clear, gorgeous skin and super strong hair and nails? We feel you – practically everyone has struggled with this before! Although creams, serums and more can help, sometimes the problem isn’t external, but internal. Our health can have a much bigger direct impact on the complexion and more than we may actually think. So, that’s where the not-so-humble beauty supplement comes in!

A relatively new idea in the beauty sphere, supplements usually consist of pills, potions or powders that you can consume daily to help restore your internal balance. Sprinkle a little of the Raw Complexions Skintox ($34.95) into your smoothie of a morning for a clearer complexion, or pop the Beauty Boosters Glow Getter Capsules ($52.95) once-daily and achieve that gorgeous radiance you’ve always dreamed of!

Sleep Aids

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine, but often gets put off when we’re busy – and for good reason, seeing as we only have a limited number of hours in the day! Sometimes we just have to choose sleep, though. If you’re restless, find it hard to sleep or are just too busy to get your eight hours, a sleep aid may help improve the quality of the zzz’s you do manage to get. Save skin and hair from the perils of sleep with the silk pillowcases from The Goodnight Co ($79.95//$159.95), and wake up feeling ready and refreshed! Or, go for the Sleep Balm from The Physic Garden ($17.95)–rub a little of this miracle potion onto the chest or stomach and let yourself sink into a deep, calm rest.

Teeth Whitening

Finally, our last new addition is teeth whitening–the natural way. Save yourself a dreaded trip to the dentist by tapping into the benefits of charcoal as a whitening agent. Aussie brand Warpaint have made at-home teeth whitening a total breeze with their charcoal powder ($55), used like a toothpaste to help give you that pearly white smile! Or, ramp things up even more with the at-home LED kits, portable whitening pens and more from Douglas and Co.


Of course, we can’t overlook the old faves! Make sure to take advantage of our natural skincare section for a simple cleanser, exfoliator or moisturiser with no added ingredients you can’t pronounce. With products from high-profile brands such as KORA Organics, Trilogy, Cedar + Stone, Coast to Coast and more, you’re sure to find skin solutions that have the same (if not a better) effect as their harsher alternatives.


Give your hair a break with our range of natural haircare, so that your tresses have a little time to get longer and stronger without interference! We love Pure and more for go-to haircare that’s environmentally friendly, gentle and full of nutrients that’ll boost shine and growth. Plus, you don’t have to give up your cool factor when choosing organic-hit brands like Verb, MOP, De Lorenzo and more are all natural and organic. 


We can’t forget makeup – after all, makeup lovers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to help save the environment and give their skin a gentler alternative. Thankfully, Jane Iredale, Youngblood, GloMinerals, W3LL PEOPLE and more have created gorgeous mineral formulas that really do the trick. With everything from foundation and concealer through to pops of colour covered, you’ll never want to go back to the chemical-filled products that used to crowd your makeup bag!

All of the products featured in our Natural section are either 100% natural, 100% organic, ethically sourced, vegan or derived from natural sources. All products are also free from parabens, chemicals and fragrances that can cause skin irritation unless listed.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the change to natural and organic beauty today and notice the difference it makes to your skin, hair, body and more! Shop the Natural and Organic section with RY at the best prices guaranteed.

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