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Catherine – Skin Therapist & Salon Manager
I.d Bare Minerals mineral makeup would be my favourite product. It contains 100% natural minerals, no binders no fillers and no talc, which is very important to me as i have extremely sensitive skin. It gives a nice full coverage without the feeling of heavy foundations that you can often feel, and it lasts all day. I’ve been using it for over 4 years now and I am yet to find another mineral product which compares. They have just released a new matt range in all the shades of the ‘original’ formula, so if you’re a little oily and don’t want that dewy look you might like to try the new Bare Minerals Matte collection. Its best applied with the kabuki brush, remember though to ‘swirl tap buff’ this product on for best result and long lasting wear!! By professional tip – the warmer the powder, be it eye shadow, foundation or concealer, the better and smoother the application. Using your brush be sure to swirl the product in the lid to warm it up, this will allow it to melt into the skin for a flawless smooth finish. The Starter Kits are a good way to go if you are new to the brand, as they have all you need to get going, along with an instructional DVD, which is handy to get your technique down pat from day 1.

Hayley – Senior Hair Stylist
I love KMS Silk Sheen treatment. I love the fact that it has magic “IOPS” An Inside out perfecting serum. It’s a treatment that is so silky it physically shines as it has sparkle shimmer pieces of in it – Perfect for dull long tangled hair. It retransforms hair so it is soft, sparkling and silky. The almond and basil combination makes this KMS treatment smell good enough to eat! I use this at home on my own long fine hair, and also on many of my clients when they need a little extra boost for smooth and shiny hair. If your hair is fine, make sure you focus this treatment on your ends, as it a medium weight and you don’t want to weigh down your roots. Shampoo your hair with a good quality Salon shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist, then use a towel to get out all the extra moisture, use a tablespoon (more for extra-long hair) amount from the mid lengths down, comb through to make sure that it is evenly distributed through the hair. Leave it up to 5 minutes and rinse out well. My professional tip is to treat your hair once a week. This step is missed or not done regularly enough by most women, and there hair isn’t in the best condition that it could be. If you plan your treatments around your life, and schedule them in weekly you will give your hair the best chance at being at its best. My treatment night is Tuesday, along with Packed to the Rafters!

Hayley – Skin Therapist
The Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum is definitely my favourite product, both for my clients and me. I have personally had amazing results and seen great results in the salon with this product and would recommend it to anyone as it targets so many different issues including acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and congestion.  It is an exfoliating and resurfacing serum to even out the overall skin complexion and tone. As this product is ‘active’ and contains BHA’s and AHA’s I recommended introducing this product slowing into your homecare routine, and to start use after professional recommendation. There are three strengths, sensitive, regular and a stronger complex, so there is an Even Skin Tone Serum for every skin type. For my clients that are about to start incorporating this product into their routine, I would recommend using it every second night; you will need to slowly introduce your skin to the new active ingredients. You only need 2-3 drops and apply it all over the face, excluding the eye and lip area. It is normal to feel tingly when applied, as it is exfoliating the dead skin cells. After 1 week, you can then increase the application to nightly. My professional tip, which is essential during the use of this product, is to use a moisturiser during the say that has a sun protection of at least 30, as your skin will be more sensitised to the sun. I really would recommend in salon Professional Ultraceuticals treatments for best results as they are able to intensify the treatments for your specific concerns.

Kelsie – Online Customer Service Consultant
My favourite product in the massive range would certainly be the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser; it has truly transformed my skin. Before starting at RY last year my skin was very dry, and extremely sensitive. During a consultation with Hayley I was told that I needed to balance out my skins PH levels after long use of supermarket astringent cleansers. These inexpensive products had caused the natural moisture levels and barrier layers of my face to be damaged as they were far too harsh. Since Hayley has moved me onto a tailored skincare regime I have noticed such an amazing difference in my skin, it is glowing! I am very sensitive to some ingredients including glycolic and lactic based products, so I needed a cleanser that would calm my skin whilst also cleanse away impurities and make up. I have had an Alpha-H facial treatment before, and heard lots about the range, so I was happy to give the Balancing Cleanser a go. After only a week my skin was no longer itchy and felt remarkably softer. I have now been using this cleanser for 10 months, and my skin continues to soften and improve over time. After trying many cleansers that did not deliver what they claimed I am glad to have found this cleanser and will continue to use it as my skin has never been better.

I absolutely LOVE Moroccan Oil! After road testing this product for a couple of weeks before it arrived into our salon, i was instantly hooked! The results from what’s inside this miracle bottle are outstanding. I have very fine hair which has been coloured for the last 6 or so years, so it is quiet dry. Any smoothing or styling products that I have used in the past either weigh down my hair and make it limp and flat, or are too heavy and leave a sticky residue feeling. MoroccanOil makes my hair smoother, softer and feeling moisturised in an instant. I get the best result if I apply to towel dried hair, and then blow dry, but through the week when I let my hair dry naturally, I will put some in, after my shower. I have a bottle in my bathroom, in my handbag, and in my gym bag! It’s about time that a new product does what it claims to, and I understand why there is such a cult following, everyday people and celebs that love this product, it really does work! I’m looking forward to using and trying the new products in the range like the shampoo and conditioner in the coming weeks.

Brad – Director
Love Redken Styling Rough Clay for my daily styling product. It provides great hold throughout the day, the style is not affected by the elements such as humidity and it gives a natural matte finish. I love that my hair will look the same in the evening after a full day of work as it did to start off with. Working at RY, I have a very large selection of hair styling products to choose from, and I have tried most of them, personally the Rough Clay is certainly my favourite and suits my style needs perfectly. I can use it no matter what my hair length in-between by haircuts and it washes out very easily of a night with my shampoo. If I don’t shampoo my hair, my hair isn’t horribly greasy, the product is water soluble, but there will be a slight residue left over, I won’t need to use as much the next morning. The texture and consistency of the product is firm, but workable, so it isn’t difficult to apply, like some others that I have used, but it is firm enough to give me hold.
Our hair stylists have recommended applying from the back of the hair forward to the front, I use this technique and find that it prevents me from applying too much to the front of my hair to begin with, and the finished look is always perfect.

James – Director

I love the MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub because it is one bottle in the shower, face and body in one, nice and easy for my busy mornings. It makes my skin silky smooth. I can put my conditioner on, and cleanse my whole face and bottle within 3 minutes. It gets rid of all my black heads, and clears out all my pores. I have used this product for 6 months now, I rarely get the same product twice, as I like to change and try all the new things on offer, so that I can give my honest recommendations to my customers when they ask. I like the bottle too, when you open it up in the shower it doesn’t fill with water, I hate it when this happens to a product! This product ticks all the boxes when it comes to what I need and want, its simple and doesn’t have too many steps, its efficient, and does what it says.

Emma – Senior Hair Stylist
Redken have unleashed there new “Style Connection”. One of the stand out products is Matte Sponge 05. With its amazing sponge texture and deel, it will transform your look to a more toughened, roughed up finish. It will add separation to the smoothist looks and create over the top volume and texture. Apply a small amount to damp hair, blow-dry in one direction, then in the opposite direction to create volume. I have been using Matte Sponge to blowdry my midlength hair and love the feeling and volume this product creates.



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